The Editor’s Choice. From Sixteenth-Century Sources to Digital Editions Using MEI

af Bjarke Moe

The article is concerned with discussing the role of the encoder of musical notation and with exploring how to make choices when encoding. A central point is that decision-making is to a large extent dependent on the purpose of the encoding. Consequently, the editor needs to take into consideration who is going to use the encoding and how. Taking its point of departure from an ongoing project on sixteenth-century monophonic songs, the article discusses the relationship between the visual appearance of notation and the meaning of it. Furthermore, the article explores how an editor is able to address problems during the interpretation and presentation of the source by employing Music Encoding Initiative (MEI).

Published in: Margrethe Støkken Bue & Annika Rockenberger (eds.), Notated Music in the Digital Sphere. Possibilities and Limitations (= Nota Bene 15), Oslo: National Library of Norway, 2021, pp. 57-75